Participating Companies

The activities of CCMH exist at the intersection of clinical practice in counseling centers, psychological research, and the technologies that supports these efforts. As such, CCMH maintains relationships with software companies working in the electronic medical record (EMR) market. Below is a list of companies that currently work with CCMH.

CCMH Partner

Titanium Schedule’s partnership with CCMH began in 2005 with their decision to implement the first CCMH data standards into their EMR software at no charge. This critical work made the 2009 CCMH Pilot Study possible and laid the foundation for all subsequent work. Since 2005, Titanium has assumed responsibility for the following:

  • Implementation, maintenance, and updating of data standards including the CCAPS assessment tools and the Standardized Data Set (SDS). This includes annual updates since 2007 and numerous version of the CCAPS, through 2021. 
  • Development and maintenance the CCMH data-pooling infrastructure that makes it possible for Titanium users to contribute research data to CCMH.
  • Development and co-manages the CCAPS EMR Web Service. This service allows other EMR vendors to implement and distribute the CCAPS.
  • Development and co-manages the CCAPS-Web user interface, which enables centers without a participating EMR to utilize the CCAPS.
  • Development and co-manages the CCAPS-Screen.

Titanium Schedule has provided these services to CCMH at no charge since 2007.

Authorized CCAPS Distributors

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) companies may request to become Authorized CCAPS Distributors. Authorized distributors utilize the CCAPS EMR Web Service to distribute the CCAPS to their customers. This requires the integration of the CCAPS into the company’s software which includes a rigorous certification process. Each of the companies below has completed the certification process and are authorized to distribute the CCAPS on behalf of CCMH:

  • Medicat – CCAPS-2012 Certification (12/20/2012), CCAPS-2015 Certification (2/8/16), CCAPS-2021 Certification (5/21/21), MedicatONE CCAPS-2021 Certification (4/6/22)
  • Point and Click Solutions – CCAPS-2012 Certification (10/18/2012), CCAPS-2015 Certification (6/28/16), SDS Certification (1/2024)
  • Pyramed Health Systems – CCAPS-2012 Certification (12/7/2012), CCAPS-2015 Certification (1/13/16)