Welcome to CCMH

CCMH is a multidisciplinary, member-driven, Practice-Research-Network (PRN) focused on providing accurate and up-to-date information on the mental health of today’s college students. CCMH strives to connect practice, research, and technology to benefit students, mental health providers, administrators, researchers, and the public.

The collaborative efforts of over 650 college and university counseling centers and supportive organizations have enabled CCMH to build one of the nation’s largest databases on college student mental health. CCMH actively develops clinical tools, reports, and research using this data.

Introducing the 20-21 CLI Distribution

  • To see where your counseling center falls on the 20-21 Distribution, visit the CLI App.
  • To request a custom CLI report using peers you select, complete the CLI Peer Request form.
  • Can't remember your CLI information? Review your data in your profile. 

Benefits of Clinical Membership

  • CCAPS 34/62 & Screen (unlimited)
  • National comparison reports
  • Benchmarking data
  • Free & early access to CCMH data for research
  • Ability to contribute data for research
  • Listserv network of 650+ members
Membership Benefits

Member Types

  • Clinical: access to all of the CCAPS instruments (34,62 & Screen) to use with students in treatment.
  • Non-Clinical: access to the CCAPS-Screen instrument to use with students as a screening tool.
  •  Contact [email protected] with questions