CCAPS-EMR Web Service

The CCAPS-EMR Web Service makes it possible for vendors of electronic medical record (EMR) software to quickly, easily, and securely deliver automated and up-to-date scoring of the CCAPS instruments to counseling center customers. For counseling centers, this means that the CCAPS can be securely administered, scored, and stored directly within your existing EMR software – thus streamlining data collection and informing clinical work.

Completed in July of 2011, the CCAPS-EMR Web Service was funded, in part, by a grant from the Ittleson Foundation and built by Titanium Software. In July 2021, the CCAPS-EMR Web Service was updated to distribute the CCAPS 2021.

After completing a rigorous certification process, an EMR software vendor can become an “Authorized CCAPS Distributor”. Click here for a list of authorized distributors.

How it works

  1. Vendor implements the CCAPS in their software with guidance from CCMH, passes certification, receives “Authorized CCAPS Distributor” label, and receives a unique CCAPS company ID.
    1. Counseling center customer, of Authorized CCAPS Distributor, contacts CCMH and receives a unique counseling center ID that is entered into the EMR software.
  2. Data is gathered from the client, using vendor-specific data-gathering options (e.g., a kiosk).
  3. EMR software communicates with the CCMH web-server by sending raw, de-identified CCAPS data along with a unique CCAPS-ID (assigned by the web-service for new clients).
  4. CCAPS server scores the incoming data (using the most current scoring procedures and norms) and returns a CCAPS Profile Report in PDF to the EMR software for storage in the client file. (raw-subcale scores may also be returned/stored). The elapsed time for this process is typically less than 30 seconds.