How to Access the CCAPS 34 & 62

The CCAPS became available for use in 2007. Since this implementation there have been several new iterations of the CCAPS assessment tools as well as expansion to several platforms. The 2021 CCAPS is the latest available iteration. Below are descriptions of the ways to access the CCAPS 34 and 62. 

Titanium Schedule

Titanium Software (CCMH partner) is the only electronic medical record (EMR) system to centrally implement the CCAPS 34/62 with the ability to contribute clinical data to CCMH for research, per permission from your institution.


The CCAPS-EMR Web Service makes it possible for authorized CCAPS distributors (Medicat, Point N Click, and Pyramed) to administer the CCAPS within their software. Their software will quickly, easily, and securely deliver automated and up-to-date scoring of the CCAPS instruments to counseling center customers. For counseling centers, this means that the CCAPS 34/62 can be securely administered, scored, and stored directly within the EMR – thus streamlining data collection and informing clinical work. Information about the web-service scoring can be found here

CCAPS Scoring Website (CCAPS-Web)

The CCAPS-Web provides CCMH members the ability to administer the CCAPS to clients via pen/paper.  A staff member or clinician is then responsible for manually entering the clients CCAPS item responses in our CCAPS Scoring Website, which will then generate a CCAPS Profile Report.  This service is intended for counseling centers that do not use an electronic medical record (EMR) system or use an EMR that is not an authorized CCAPS distributor. The CCAPS-Screen is also managed in the CCAPS-Web. 

Transitioning between EMR's

If your center is transitioning from one authorized CCAPS EMR to another, please notify CCMH prior to the transition. CCMH will ensure that your unique CCMH activation key is assigned to your new EMR, which is required to give you access to the CCAPS. CCMH is not responsible for migrating any locally stored data from one EMR to another during a migration. If you have questions about migrating your data to the new EMR, please discuss those questions with your new EMR vendor.