What is behind this login?

CCMH Membership Renewal

The CCMH Website "Member Login" and "Center Profile" is primarily for CCMH member administrators to renew CCMH membership and to view information submitted on past renewal forms.  CCMH requests that we have a primary contact (typically the director) as well as a secondary contact.  Additional staff at your center do not need a CCMH website account, as there is limited information behind the login. 

If you are the primary contact of your center and this is your first time logging in: your username is typically your email address, and the first time you login you will need to select "reset password" to create a password for your account.  If no account is found, please contact [email protected] so we can update your account to add you as the new primary contact!

Ok, then where do I find CCAPS Training Materials, our CCAPS Data, National Comparison CCAPS Reports or access the CCAPS-Screen?

Direct short-cuts to all links mentioned below are on the CCMH Homepage under "Quick Links".

CCAPS Training Materials:

  • All CCMH/CCAPS training materials can be found in the Clinical Member Information Folder using the universal password. Reach out to [email protected] if you are not familiar with the universal password.

  • CCAPS Training Webinar can be accessed by anyone working at a CCMH Member center.  To access, enter the universal password into the "username" and "password" areas.

CCAPS Data / CCAPS National Comparison Reports / CCAPS-Screen:

  • The CCAPS-Web is where Medicat, Point N Click and Pyramed users can access their raw CCAPS data as well as National Comparison Reports. Titanium users access CCAPS data and National Comparison Reports within Titanium. 

  • The CCAPS-Web is also where CCMH members (regardless of your EMR!) access the CCAPS-Screen.  The CCAPS-Screen is not linked to your EMR.  It is managed/scored/stored in the CCAPS-Web, which does not collect or contain any PHI.
  • The primary contact at your center should have a "Site Admin" account which allows them to add other "Users" for CCAPS-Screen access.  If you are the primary contact and do not have a login, reach out to [email protected] and we will quickly get you set up!