Membership Benefits

CCMH is a member driven Practice-Research-Network. What this means is that the applied clinical work of CCMH counseling centers drives CCMH produced research on college student mental health, and the development of high-quality data standards, which in turn can inform college and university policy and procedure.

Participating CCMH centers directly contribute to CCMH while simultaneously increasing their outcomes reporting capabilities through routine clinical practice. This is possible through use of the CCAPS, Standardized Data Set (SDS) forms, and the Clinical Load Index (CLI).

Clinical Membership Benefits

  • CCAPS 34/62 via EMR's Titanium, Medicat, Point N Click and Pyramed or a pencil/paper version that is scored on our website (CCAPS-Web).
  • Standardized Data Set (SDS)
  • CCAPS-Screen
  • National Comparison Reports
  • Clinical Load Index consultation and support
  • Listserv network of over 800 CCMH member counseling centers
  • Free and early access to CCMH data for research
  • Contribute deidentifed data to the CCMH data warehouse for national research.  To participate in contribution, you must send written permission from your local institution.
  • All Clinical Members are required to provide non-clinical institution/center level research data annually via our registration/renewal form

  • With local permission, users of Titanium Schedule can contribute data on:

    • The CCAPS 34/62 and SDS
    • Appointment Categories
    • Provider and institution information
    • Other CCMH standardized data forms within Titanium software (CLICC, Case Closure)

Benefits of Data Contribution

Although data contribution is not required, CCMH recommends that counseling centers consider contribution. The anonymous data contributed to CCMH benefits counseling centers and college student mental health.  There are various pathways towards permission to contribute such as: Director/VP permission, IRB stating that review is not required, or a formal IRB application resulting in approval/exemption.

  • Allows national data on college student mental health to be analyzed in various formats.
  • Fuels research and development of high-quality/relevant clinical tools such as the CCAPS and SDS.
  • Contributes to the CCMH annual reports
  • Provides clinically representative data for local to national comparison
  • Supports professional development and training
  • Enables research that is relevant and representative of students served in college counseling centers.

Want more details about how to get permission to contribute data? 

We have all of the materials to make the process smooth and easy for you.  Please see the “Pathways towards Contribution” folder in the Clinical Member Information Folder (found on the homepage) for templates and resources. 

Non-Clinical Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited access to the CCAPS-Screen 
    • One unique URL for anonymous self-check in link on your website
    • Unlimited number of unique portals for in-person screening
    • Unlimited number of pre-generated links to distribute to a pre-identified group of students
  • Access to CCAPS-Screen raw data 
  • Access to CCAPS-Screen Statistics report 
  • Access to a network of other Higher Education departments using the CCAPS-Screen
  • Non-Clinical Members are not required to participate in CCMH research