Membership Growth Over Time

CCMH Membership Growth

CCMH operates and exists thanks to our membership of over 750 colleges and universities! Since 2013, membership has grown substantially, which has allowed us to offer new tools and conduct more research that, in turn, supports college counseling centers and the clients served. All of our members contribute to research by providing center level characteristics and Clinical Load Index (CLI) information. This vital data contribution from members supported the development of the Clinical Load Index (CLI) and three years of subsequent national CLI distributions.

Though there are 750+ CCMH members, CCMH only reports on client data from counseling centers that contribute their data for research purposes, per their local IRB approval. We are grateful to the 180 centers who contributed data during the 2021-2022 year, which describe 190,907 unique college students seeking mental health treatment, 4,688 clinicians, and 1,287,775 appointments. Data contribution allows CCMH to update the national normative sample for the CCAPS and to share national CCAPS and SDS trends in our Annual Reports.

A major thanks to our collective membership for allowing CCMH to reflect the critical work of college counseling centers. Without the data contribution from each of our member centers, we would be unable to conduct this essential work!

If you are a member interested in contributing client data, please reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

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